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Shenzhen Mighty Precision Technology CO.,LTD knows that our produce and the products we offer may do effect to society, environment. In order to take on our society responsibilities, hereby we promise:

1. There are no the metal materials we used or contained in the products and parts we offer from Congo (Gold) or around countries(Definition see note 1) and Conflict Minerals (Definition see note 2) that these countries control with forces.

2. We will fill in and reply the report or other information asked truly per request, and promise that all the replied and offered information all truly, accurately and completely.

3. We promise to set up fully of the policy of Conflict Minerals, Control System and Report Frame keeping with the identification with related laws ( included but not limited Cap 1502 Dodd-Frank of United States, institutions like OECD or EICC, also we requests our suppliers with the same standards.

Notes 1: Congo or around countries including, (A) People’s Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Republic of the Sudan, Republic of the South Sudan, Republic of Uganda, Republic of Rwanda, The Republic of Burundi, The United Republic of Tanzania, Republic of Zambia, Republic of Angola, The Central African Republic( B) the future includes the aforementioned countries, some or all of the new countries (regions) and existing countries (regions).

Notes 2: Conflict Minerals includes but not limits rare metals like Cassiterite, Wolframite, Coltan, Gold and derivative etc. imported from Congo, around countries and force controlled by these countries, especially metal materials of Au, Ta,Su and W. And no metal materials used and contained imported from Congo, around countries and force controlled by these countries including digging, smelting, forming and other fabricating processes.

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